The icing on the Kamezí Senso Concept Experience

A space designed for the care of the body and the mind with endless possibilities for sensory enjoyment. Get fit in the gym, eliminate toxins in the sauna and relax in the jacuzzi.
The "basics" of our wellness oasis are completed with a series of treatments designed to delight your senses. Willing to cultivate the balance between the body and the mind? Participate in our yoga classes.

  • Relaxing Akasha of lavendas
    Relaxing massage with enveloping lavender and gentle movements, ideal for calming stress and improving mood.
  • Sports
    Decontracting massage of deep tissue, indicated for ailments and overloads.
  • Bammboo ceremony
    Alternative therapy of relaxation and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, muscles, adipose tissue and the nervous system through the soft and pleasant touch of Bamboo therapy.
  • Ayurveda Marma Abhyanga
    Millenary technique from India of medium intensity that works with enveloping movements and sesame oil from the feet to the head, helping to release the tensions of the body and providing warmth and vitality.
  • Caresses of LanzaroteLet us transport you to the heart of our island with this relaxing therapy with essential oils and hot volcanic stones. The heat of the stones will dissolve your tensions while the essential oils will improve your well-being.
  • Detox
    Complete detoxifying, firming and decongestant treatment. Ideal to oxygenate the skin and restore vitality to congested skin.
  • Hidraterapy Intense nutrition wellness treatment for dry or very dry skin, improves desquamation and dehydration of the skin.
  • Revitalactive Revitalizing treatment that acts on the energetic level, recommended to restore the luminosity to the skin and improve states of physical and psychic fatigue. An aromatic and sensory experience thanks to cocoa and orange.
  • Pindas serenity
    Sublime body treatment with herbal pindas of soothing properties. Excellent for fighting stress and anxiety, or for helping during periods of insomnia.
  • Cosmetic beauty care relaxing for hands / feet and nails.
  • Manicure spa
  • Pedicure spa
  • Bulgarian Rose
    Anti-wrinkle treatment recommended for older skin that needs regeneration and elasticity.
  • Detox
    Recover the luminosity of your skin with this ideal treatment to detoxify asphyxiated and devitalized skin due to tiredness or stress.
  • Hidralifting
    Instant beauty for flabby skin, with marked features and / or devitalized and tired skin.
  • Revital C.
    Vitamin supply for skins needing to regain their radiance and vitality or to immediately bring a touch of energy and brightness before a special occasion.

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— Care of body and mind —

A space with endless possibilities for sensory enjoyment

Services to the guest

Wellness Kamezí

Sauna, jacuzzi and gym for guests staying at Kamezí Boutique Villas

Custom treatments

Consult with our staff the massage and aesthetic treatments available. Consult with our staff the massage and aesthetic treatments specially designed for your well-being. You can also enjoy some treatment in your own villa if you wish.

Supervised classes

We help you to connect body and mind in our classes of Yoga. You will have an exclusive area overlooking the ocean dedicated to your individual or group training.

The Space

WELLNESS Kamezí is part of Kamezí Senso concept, a space designed to make your experience at Kamezí Boutique Villas a true tribute to the senses. We have created for you an oasis of tranquillity that combines our commitment to sustainable luxury and the pursuit of happiness, from a healthy approach.

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