The icing on the Kamezí Senso Concept Experience

A space designed for the care of the body and the mind with endless possibilities for sensory enjoyment. Get fit in the gym, eliminate toxins in the sauna and relax in the jacuzzi.
The "basics" of our wellness oasis are completed with a series of treatments designed to delight your senses. Willing to cultivate the balance between the body and the mind? Participate in our yoga classes.

  • Tizziri de lavender · 25 min | 50 min
    Relaxing massage flavored with 100% natural oil of lavender, lavender vera and lavandina. Suitable for the most sensitive skin, moisturizes and tones the nervous system.
  • Arrorró relax · 50 min
    Massage with smooth, slow and enveloping movements ideal to calm stress, anxiety and tensions day by day
  • Sports · 25 min
    Massage that relieves muscle tension and prepares muscles for sports activity.
  • Bamboo ceremony · 45 min
    Alternative therapy of relaxation and physical improvement that deeply stimulates blood circulation, muscles and adipose tissue. Rejuvenate the skin through the soft and pleasant contact of bamboo canes. Powerful celular renovator and anti-cellulite.
  • Caresses of Lanzarote · 75 min
    Let us transport you to the interior of this island with this relaxing therapy with essential oils and hot volcanic stones. The heat of the stones will dissolve their tensions while the essential oils will improve their well-being
  • Kobido · 25 min
    "Lifting" Japanese. Facial firming treatment. Improves oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, activates, brightens and tones.
  • Foot reflexology · 45 min
    Reflexology applied to the feet is a therapy of Chinese origin that can help us achieve a state of physical and mental balance. It relaxes the nervous system, revitalizes, reduces stress and improves blood circulation

- Body wraps -

  • Therapeutic mud (localized) · 25 min
    Local application of natural clays. Reinforcement treatment in rheumatology, sciatica, lumbago and recovery of muscle injuries.
  • Algae · 25 min
    Ideal wrap to tone the body, improve the condition of orange peel, prevent cellulite and even relieve certain muscle aches.
  • Chocolate · 25 min
    The chocolate wrap consists of a unique, sensitive and energetic experience. Cocoa contains natural antioxidants, which have emollient, nourishing, moisturizing, protective and skin relaxing properties. Chocolate helps tone the muscles and the mind.
  • Tamarco Detox · 60 min
    Complete detoxifying, firming and decongestant treatment. Regenerates and oxygenates the skin.
  • Hydration teraphy · 75 min
    Wellness treatment and intense nutrition for dry or very dry skin, improves desquamation and skin dehydration.
  • Revitalizer active · 90 min
    Toning treatment. An aromatic and sensitive experience thanks to the 100% natural active principles of cocoa and orange.
  • Pindas serenety · 60 min
    Sublime body treatment with herbal pindas properties. Excellent to combat stress and anxiety.

- Body scrubs -

  • Laminaria seaweed salt · 25 min
    Body scrub of Laminaria algae salt (or kombu seaweed), for the skin considered as a super food thanks to the many trace elements such us amino acids, vitamins and minerals it possesses.
  • Sweet orange · 25 min
    Gentle exfoliation anti-aging for all skin types. It provides an extra hydration and luminosity to your skin while you get the well-being you need thanks to its exquisite aroma.
  • Sea salt and aloe vera · 25 minIntensive exfoliation of natural sea salt from Lanzarote, rich in minerals. Brings luminosity to the skin together with the juice of pure Aloe vera of the island, that regenerates and softens. Prepare the skin for a homogeneous and lasting tan.
  • Volcanic lava 100% natural · 25 min
    The use of volcanic material has been a source of beauty and care for the skin since ancient times, thanks to its purifying, firming, egenerating and draining abilities. They are not harmful or aggressive, provide excellent nutrition, are respectful of the finest skin and reduce roughness and imperfections
  • Manicure spa · 60 min
    In addition to revitalizing the nails, it provides the skin with the nutrition and softness it needs, returning the luminosity to dry and rough hands.
  • Spa pedicure · 75 min
    Beauty and personal care treatment that takes care of your feet in great detail.
    *Additional: Normal nail polish and semi-permanent
  • Pedicure + folod reflexology · 90 min
    The dream feet treatment. A session centered on your feet, an essential part of the body, which begins with their care treatment and is ombined with our traditional foot reflexology.
  • Removesemi-permanent nail polish · 20 min
  • Cute and file · 15 min
  • Normal nail polish · 15 min
  • Semi-permanent nail polish · 25 min
  • Bulgarian rose · 50 min
    Nourishing facial treatment recommended for elderly skin that needs regeneration, toning and elasticity
  • Detox tyterogaka · 50 min
    Recover the golden luminosity of your skin with this ideal treatment to detoxify asphyxiated skin. Resuscitate skin devitalized by fatigue and / or stress.
  • Hidralifting · 50 min
    Instant beauty for sagging skin, marked or slightly marked features. It provides hydration and toning.
  • Revital C · 50 min
    Vitamin supply for the skin that needs to recover vitality. Provides an immediate touch of energy and luminosity before a special event.
  • Ezeró man · 50 min
    Male detoxifying and oxygenating facial with a trengthening, energetic and rejuvenating contribution.

- Facial masks -

  • Alignate and arginine · 25 min
    Super-moisturizing mask indicated especially for undernourished skin that has difficulty maintaining the level of hydration.
  • Cranberry, essential oil of chamomile and vitamin C · 20 minRevitalizing anti-aging mask for the most sensitive skin.

- Facial scrubs -

  • Argan and citru · 20 min
    Gentle facial exfoliation that helps slow down the aging process. Regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. It brings great luminosity
  • Papaya y pineapple · 20 min
    Enzymatic exfoliation of fruit acids from papaya and pineapple, 100% natural. Promotes oxygenation and regulates sebaceous secretion.
  • Volcanic lava · 20 min
    GranVolcanic lava, 100% natural, has a great firming and regenerating power, stimulates the production of collagen and thanks to minerals, skin acquires a smooth texture.
  • Lifting eyelashes + eyelash color · 50 min
    We have a revolutionary system of eyelash lifting of advanced formulation with ingredients 100% natural, free of formaldehyde and without parabens. Enhance your look naturally.
  • Eyelash Color · 25 min
    Brings light to the eye increasing the intensity of the look.
  • Visagism and correction of eyebrows + color · 20 min
    Well-defined eyebrows give greater expression to our factions, gestures and looks. Shape Your Eyebrows, Change Your Look!.
  • Design and color of eyebrows + eyelash color · 40 min
    Ideal for blond and redhead people, and all those who have.

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— Care of body and mind —

A space with endless possibilities for sensory enjoyment

Services to the guest

Wellness Kamezí

Sauna, jacuzzi and gym for guests staying at Kamezí Boutique Villas

Custom treatments

Consult with our staff the massage and aesthetic treatments available. Consult with our staff the massage and aesthetic treatments specially designed for your well-being. You can also enjoy some treatment in your own villa if you wish.

Supervised classes

We help you to connect body and mind in our classes of Yoga. You will have an exclusive area overlooking the ocean dedicated to your individual or group training.

The Space

WELLNESS Kamezí is part of Kamezí Senso concept, a space designed to make your experience at Kamezí Boutique Villas a true tribute to the senses. We have created for you an oasis of tranquillity that combines our commitment to sustainable luxury and the pursuit of happiness, from a healthy approach.

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